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Starterades’ planning software will help you to:

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Build your brand strategy
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Identify your target market & segments
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Understand & identify personas
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Build your competitor analysis
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Conduct SWOT analyses
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Set goals
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Build campaign value-maps
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Build visual campaign timelines
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Campaign Planning

  • Using a simple formula built around who, what, where, when, why, and how, our marketing planning platform lets you build out a visual timeline for each of your marketing campaigns.
  • Customizable side bar and easy to use templates that guide you through entering your data including things like: touchpoints, objectives, KPIs, KPI targets, budget breakdown and more.
  • The system also helps you determine which marketing assets to create and ties them into each campaign.
  • Once complete, you and your team – and any stakeholders you choose to involve – can easily see all the steps required to successfully implement each campaign.

Task Management

  • Streamline communications, collaboration, feedback, and approval.
  • Create teams, assign tasks and subtasks*, attach files, set task statuses.
  • Chat inside a specific task.
  • Build checklists to organize your processes.
  • Keep in touch with your team using a chat section with threaded conversations.
  • Manage your upcoming tasks*, campaigns, messages, and notifications in a user-friendly dashboard.
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  • Small or large, our platform works for everyone
  • Build your in-house marketing team and/or manage freelancers
  • Build targeted campaigns with proper due diligence
  • Proven systems and methods to increase ROI
  • Reduce meeting times and increase productivity
  • Great for Business-2-Consumer, Business-2-Business, and Account Based Marketing
  • Keep collaborative knowledge readily available
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Agencies & Freelancers

  • Organize and manage multiple clients
  • Bring additional value to your clients with a transparent platform that keeps everyone on the same page
  • Streamline communication and client approvals
  • Aligns with clients’ in-house resources to track ideas
  • Free up your account managers’ time
  • Take advantage of extra features like a one-page planning canvas, over 30 assets to build, idea board, and more!

Flexible Pricing

All-in-one package
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$19 /mo.
  • unlimited businesses
  • unlimited contributors
  • unlimited task boards
  • 5GB storage

The key to a successful marketing campaign is a solid strategy. A solid strategy begins with a plan.


We are currently working on integrating with other systems for more convience and streamlined workflows.

Our app will be available soon, but in the meantime you can still use Starterade through Chrome, Safari, etc.,

No, you can customize the Starterade side bar to display only what is applicable to you and your business.

Yes, but only one person per section (for now) when you are complete with a section send the person a message to let them know you have finished.

We take security seriously 

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Third Party Non-Disclosure
Starterade protects your privacy; we do not sell personal information to third parties.
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Starterade is protected by robust anti-malware solutions that keep all malicious activities at bay.
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DDoS Protection
Starterade is protected with DDoS solutions that guarantee availability around the clock
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Stripe for Billing
Starterade uses Stripe, a gold-standard payment processing company
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Data & Firewall
Starterade has external and internal firewalls that are maintained and secured daily to prevent suspicious activities
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SSL Embedded Encryption
We use the latest SSL encryption to keep all communication secure
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